Today I got a chance to watch this movie acrimony, started off when this lady, played by taraji Henson was in Court being ordered to go for anger management. Then she narrates how she started with her then husband. They started off as youngsters in love with dreams of a good future, she loved him, she believed in him and his dreams. She put him up in everything from his school to housing to financing his project. For 18 years it was her responsibility and she looked after him even when her family was against it. To make the long story short, she lost everything, her house which was given to her by her late mother, she lost the trust that she had in her husband. She asked for divorce which the guy reluctantly gave her but he still loved her, he still had faith in their dreams so he signed the papers, on that very day he got a call that changed his life, his project got so much money more than he had anticipated. Got some money, bought his ex wife’s home back and he gave her the keys and the deed to the house, she owned the house again….. She was shocked, she couldn’t believe it.. This is the man who had nothing apart from her and his dream and now he was standing right in front of her with a cheque of ten million dollars and the key to her mother’s home. The guy went ahead to get another woman and they had a good life. He bought that penthouse, the car, the yacht, the diamond ring and the wedding dress that he had promised his ex wife, obviously this didn’t go well with his ex wife, she felt betrayed by the man she once loved and who promised to love her forever. She fought hard to claim him back but in the end she ended up dead, killed by the yacht that her ex had bought for his new wife and also shooting him.

While I was watching this movie, I judged the husband, what type of guy would leave his wife to fend for the family while he was busy making ever failing projects, seeing how the wife struggled to get the money to see them through for all those years? I even thought maybe, just maybe he wanted her family money to fund his project because she came from a well off family. But as the movie continued on, I stopped thinking I decided to go with it to where ever it led me. It was a sad ending, how could she die like that?,she didn’t even get to enjoy the 10mill that she had gotten. If only she just walked away from everything and everyone who came with her past, if only she had been contented with what her ex husband had given her because some men out there would not even give you a penny well knowing that it’s you who helped him out. Some men forget the hustle they went through with their first wives but this one didn’t, he came back and paid her back.

It hurts to see someone who you started out with leaving you behind, seeing all the dreams that you had together becoming a reality but not with you. The good life, good food, travelling around the world and home you all wanted to build together, all gone but realised with someone else.

“we first wives go through alot with our husbands, only for you second wives to come and enjoy it” her quote. Which is true, the sleepless nights, the two jobs, family conflicts because the family doesn’t feel like he is the man for you. You go through all that only for the good part to be enjoyed by someone else.

Rich kids, poor kids

While growing up, things like teeth braces, eye glasses, allergies were for the rich kids. You couldn’t afford to be poor and have those issues. You had to remove your teeth when they were ready  to avoid braces. The reward for not removing them was to live with your bad teeth , no braces because they were expensive. Same with the allergies, see,the bad weather especially the cold was apart of growing up. You had to wake up early in the morning and that came with the coldness and we spent most of our times playing in the dust. So how were you going to have allergies?

Those were the things you would wish to have just so you could be considered rich. Just to be in class only to tell your teacher that, your sight is that good to sit behind, or having allergies to get special treatment. “I couldn’t come in early because it was too cold for my allergies” . God, rich kids had excuses to miss class,” I have an appointment with the dentist to correct my braces “. Things like that.

The poor kids, we had no excuses, getting sick was a hustle because you ate all that food that the rich people knew as bad food like maize flour also called posho, beans, cassava and the vegetables, rice and meat were served on special days like Christmas or Easter . And more to that you had to be active nothing like being lazy.

Every time I see a poor kid having rich kids problems, I wonder….

it all starts

I have never not thought of myself as a writer but a reader. I studied literature in English in school but as most of my peers said, i did not look like a literature student. I loved English as a language because all my dream careers needed English as first language. Unfortunately i never got a chance to follow up with them ended up in a social work class at university. Then found myself reading more books and novels.  That came to an end yesterday when a friend asked me what book i last read, confidently i answered him “a wrinkle in time” then he went on to tell the kind of books that he has been reading before i know it, he asks me to write something then i remembered the book i had written only to be burnt by my father. That is when it hit me,i should write something again and this time around on something or somewhere it wont be burnt again. Hence it all starts, cannot wait to write again.